Diy Built in Shelving Ideas

Setting up integrated shelves in your home can add a lot of value and aesthetics. This can also be a difficult task. DIY seems overwhelming, but building it for you seems to be a budget BREAKER. The truth is that it must not be either! You can do awesome things with DIY elements that will give you character, storage, visual interest, AND you don’t have to worry about your wallet either.

Whether you have a small room that you want to maximize, a huge wall that you don’t know what to do with, an annoying niche or a TV or fireplace wall that you want to transform, don’t be afraid to strike the built-in shelves of your dreams! Here are some ideas for integrated shelves to help you get started.

25 Ideas For Integrated Shelves for Your Home

Go from scratch with this large wall of integrated shelves!

Use a narrow hall by installing built-in wardrobe shelves.

Turn a corner of a closet or pleasure center into a functional integrated media console with this IKEA hack!

If you have an annoying opening or niche somewhere, use this great idea to create a separation while maintaining a sense of openness.

A built-in closet adds so much storage space! Can you believe that it started with simple IKEA furniture?

Add some storage space to the kitchen – and who doesn’t need more storage space in the kitchen?

Add IKEA shelves to an outdated TV corner for an affordable and easy integrated shelf and desk.

Turn the lost space into a clean and functional integrated corner with floating shelves. This is especially convenient for the bathroom or hallway!

Are you looking for ways to make multiple walls of built-in on a budget? Here’s the scoop on an office space full of inexpensive ideas.

Add some built-in storage to your entryway with a built-in floating table.

By starting with a few storage cabinets and creating large bookshelves, you can turn your walls into a large bookshelf with integrated lighting!

This picturesque corner shelf is perfect for small rooms and to use as much space in a room as possible!

You can turn an inexpensive Ikea unit into an integrated unit with some adjustments.

Ikea comes to the rescue again! Here is an uncomfortable room for a built-in, which turned out to be the perfect place! If you have embedded dreams and architectural elements on your way, read this article.

Add awesome shelves AND hidden TV storage with this built-in custom DIY!

Create a truly comfortable place, perfect for your personal needs, with custom built-in elements – and do it on an Ikea budget.

Get a high-end look with a fraction of the cost by using – you guessed it-Ikea shelves. You can create a complete multimedia wall with additional built-in storage space.

This cute dressing room has gone from very dysfunctional to awesome with recycled closets!

The built-in elements are not only for living rooms and family rooms – you can also add so much storage space to your laundry room!

A super simple construction will give you this stunning desk and its shelves-and you can use a little shape to make it really pop.

Or you can start with kitchen cabinets and build an integrated double table, too!

Make your fireplace a real focal point by adding closed and open storage.

Or give your fireplace a complete makeover with built-in elements to get started.

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