Friday Favorites Christmas Decor Ideas

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Can you believe that There are less than two weeks before Christmas! Huch, are you ready? I still have to pack something and buy gifts, but I’m almost done. To help you get a little more into the spirit, we share all kinds of Christmas decoration ideas for your favorites. You will find a lot of Inspiration for every room in your home. And a lot of different Styles. Let’s see what we have to inspire your Christmas decoration!

Favorite way to save Christmas cards: Foxy Domestic page found a beautiful way to save Christmas cards that works for years to come and adds to your holiday decor!

Favorite Dinosaur Christmas Decor: sapphire Box column creates the cutest bells. I mean, who would have thought dinosaurs would make Christmas decor so cute, but they really do. Kids will love this idea!

Favorite Neutral Christmas Bedroom Decor: dream in color made this Christmas bedroom really so cozy for the holidays. It has just the right touch of the Christmas spirit, without exaggerating.

Favorite DIY stockings: Timeless creations have whipped up these Stockings that seem to come straight from a fixed top farm. I also take a pair for my house ;).

Favorite easy way to decorate the veranda: not quite sure how to add a little Holiday Note to your veranda? Lora B. has you covered! She came up with simple ways to give her veranda and garden furniture a special look. And they are so simple! Win, win!

Favorite Neutral coat: I would like to have a coat to decorate for Christmas, so I love all the fireplace mantels. This one is beautiful and neutral From the Honeycomb Home. Gold tones really shine against whites.

Favorite unexpected place to decorate: maybe it’s just me, but I’m usually not the one decorating my kitchen, but I’m starting to change my mind. I’ve seen so many pretty kitchen cabinet crowns, like the ones from the Honeycomb Home, that make me add something to my kitchen!

Favorite Crazy Christmas Coat: This year I’m trying to be simple in my Christmas decor, but I can’t help but love this Crazy Christmas coat. I love all the little details! I feel very festive.


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