Friday Favorites Diy Wall Shelves and Timely Life Hacks

It’s Friday again and a new month. Spring is peeking through the snow and I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom again. In the meantime, this week we have selected a few interior projects that we can share in this week’s Friday Favorites and in Remodelaholics Anonymous Link up, including beautiful DIY wall shelves as well as smart “Hacks” that make life a little easier.

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New Favorite Color: There is at least one a Month 😉 a lot of Colors, so little Time! Timeless Creations has reworked this antique washbasin in a beautiful chalk color and now I dream of everything in Petrol / Aqua. And this sign too!

Favorite Easy Paint Color Trick: everyone has their own tricks to remember their colors… mine usually involves forgetting about them… so I like this simple thing that I shared while staying to keep your colors with you along the way!

DIY wall shelves

Favorite build-it-or-buy-it: we found this great reasonably priced industrial wall shelf here, and it sparked a great discussion on our Facebook page-when to buy it, and when to DIY it? (Psst, our readers also drew our attention to this great Option in the Hobby Lobby!)

Built-in favorite: Our reader Beth built this beautiful set of barn wood shelves from 1890 and racks like those from Hobby Lobby. Then drool worthy! And have you noticed the treatment of the walls?! A beautiful place, Beth!

Favorite Hardware Hack: I like to walk around the DIY store and think of unconventional ways to use objects as a beautiful decor. Dazzle while Frazzled used the metal strap to create your very own hanging planter!

Favorite farm furniture: Our reader Doug sent us these photos of two easel farm tables he built – they’re not breathtaking!

Favorite DIY Kitty: As a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady, I love the simplicity and loveliness of these Sleepy Kitty planters from Flamingo Toes!

Favorite Space-Smart Shelf: Shelves are another of my big loves, and Anika’s DIY life has built this reinterpreted Version of a ladder shelf for her small bathroom — it’s the perfect place to store a little space and a towel without taking up precious floor space!

Favorite easy IKEA Hack: we are big fans of IKEA Hacks and this beautiful desk from Dream in Color is so easy thanks to a base of our favorite Scandinavian retailers.

Favorite black and white: I’ve seen this detective show recently, so I have cop jargon in mind… but this”black and white” is not a police cruiser 😉 this monochromatic Gallery wall with family photos and genealogical tables combined with the Cubbies wrapped in wood (which sounds like this IKEA Hack to me!) is a personalized, yet discreet, gorgeous Arrangement, and these frames will quickly skyrocket with our simple tips for hanging gallery walls that we shared last week. (Home Show Feature: Built by Xcellent Homes; Designed by Sherri Hyman, Tradah Design)

Hack favorite Easter basket: the heated nest used a Bandana to create a lining for a basket, which makes it a smart and economical solution, because I see “naked” wicker baskets in the thrift store all the time.


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