Friday Favorites Kitchen Ideas Odds and Ends

Another week has passed and we are ready for this week’s Friday Favorites and Remodelaholics Anonymous Link up! We have some nice cooking ideas this week as well as some little things (as usual) from things we liked. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Favorite green: although we talked about sage green earlier this week, I’m still a fan of vigorous green, like this lovely home gift. In the middle of the snow, any sign of green is welcome, and if it brings luck, It’s a Bonus!

Favorite reason to buy new shoes: I love getting new shoes, and this upcycle creative shoe box from Pillar Box sapphire is a good reason to get a new pair and give the box a new Look! 😉

Favorite reason to buy fresh flowers: I sound like a shopaholic… but this is a Discussion for another Day… i like to have fresh flowers (or even paper flowers) for more color, and this Demijohn mini box style Vase that Sadie Seasongoods made is too cute!

Our awesome reader Emily (who shared her beautiful barn door here some time ago) sent us this photo from a recent project and we’re all crazy about it! The composite wooden diamonds of the door and the gold trimmings give the barn door a modern touch instead of the traditional rustic style and I’m in love!

Favorite Watch: I love the way Lora Bloomquist combined a Vintage printer compartment with a retro watch for a unique statement on your wall!

Favorite non-your-traditional backsplash: brick! Isn’t this brick backsplash beautiful? (From our local Homeshow, built by Premier Development and designed by Furniture Gallery Designer Brook Nyberg)

Favorite dummy out: did you know that stainless steel contact paper is a thing? Well, that’s all, and the tape and Denim used it to give this little kitchen shelf a whole new look.

Geek-out favorites: Harry Potter aprons! I need them all, don’t I? Bring them here.

Favorite sign that spring is coming: it’s time to plan spring gardens and flowers! See how they build this style of trellis in the daughter of the craftsman.

Favorite time saver: Since we shared our cleaning binder impressions earlier this week, I had cleaning in mind… but I like it fast, so I loved reading these tips to quickly clean your kitchen in 20 minutes or less from Clean and Scent Solutions.

Favorite room to dream about: Most houses don’t have bathrooms like this, but doesn’t this corner look perfect?! (From our local salon, built by Raykon Construction)


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