Incredible Diy Shelving Units

Freestanding shelves are versatile rooms. They offer both form and function for the Design in every room and offer the indispensable storage and exhibition possibilities. Building your own bookshelf is a great way to make sure it matches the style of your space – be it industrial, farmhouse, modern or something else. You can also guarantee that it will meet all your specific needs – does it have to be portable? Use rollers! Lots of little Toys camps? Cubbies or buckets! Holding yourself in a narrow place? Get the right dimensions! When it comes to shelves, you do not need to buy anything in the showroom to do it right. You can do it yourself, and do it entirely yourself. Here are some examples of DIY bookshelves that we like.

20 awesome DIY Shelves

These incredible wooden and metal shelves were inspired by restoration hardware furniture. The plans and the tutorial are also very detailed.

This super cute wooden roller unit was based on a Vintage metal shelf. The inspiration piece was beautiful, but the DIY version is even better!

This shelf is ideal for storing many things of different sizes – as in a pantry. Also, you roll out of your way if necessary.

A rolling library is large with an area that pulls double task. Keep it when using the items, roll it out of your way, if you need more space, drag it into the next room for easy sharing!

Slatted wooden shelves are popular in many rooms – like cabinets and basements – but they can add Nordic Charm when placed in an open space like a playroom or bedroom!

This Scandi-style shelf is simple, clean and simply neat.

You can create a Vintage Look with this tutorial for an old-school A-Frame ladder shelf.

All you need is a board and you can create a chic and modern inclined shelf.

Or make this oblique ladder wall unit for a more traditional look.

Make your own bookcase with adjustable shelves! This device would be convenient for any room with changing needs – such as an office or a game room.

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