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2017 is over in the blink of an eye, but the calendar confirms that it’s almost time to change sides this year and in 2018 wow wow! By the way, if you need a new calendar for 2018, we strongly recommend our new print version — create a desktop or wall calendar, as it is available in 3 sizes! But back to the practical question 2 2017 at a glance.

12 Best DIY Projects to Read and Print for Free

We had some really great articles and projects here on Remodelaholic and thanks to all of you for subscribing and following. We have spent a lot of time working on our video skills and we have great projects in preparation for 2018, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel and tell us what types of videos you find most useful and what you would like to see more.

And now, without further ado, the best projects of 2017. Each of these articles is so dear to us and it is worth clicking and reading for a few minutes to add new skills and ideas to your DIY repertoire. What projects have you organized for 2018 ?

#12: Make The Bypass Cabinet Doors Like Sliding Doors

We absolutely love barn doors (this roundup of DIY barn doors is one of the most popular locally), but not every situation or house has an ideal location for one. So, this closet door hack by reader Laura is a brilliant way to get the look of a rolling barn door in a small room, in addition to brilliantly transforming a disturbing area into a functional closet.

#11: Turn Pallet wood scraps into Rustic Hearts for EASY and FREE Valentine’s Day Decoration

Our awesome contributor Sarah from the created house shared these simple rustic wooden hearts (including the free patterns) and we can’t get enough.

Whitewashed, dry brushed with red paint or natural, they are the perfect decoration for mature for Valentine’s Day and all year round.

#10: update furniture without sanding, priming and sealing Required

This porcelain cabinet has already lived all its life and has been moved from one end of our dining room to our kitchen and dining room renovation, and this year it received another new look—a new layer in a bold color! I love the new look and am so thrilled with the fact that I didn’t have to sand or prime this beautiful crib.

#9: Create your own modern Sunrise mirror for a bathroom or an entrance

Here’s your proof that a DIY oops is often even better than what you originally planned! Woodshop Diaries contributor Shara had the intention of creating a round frame for this mirror, but this sunrise mirror was born on the long way and it’s totally gorgeous! Get the tutorial here.

#8: add a Modern farmhouse style with Door Casing and Handmade Crows

Contributor Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches has a gorgeous modern farmhouse style and terminator DIY skills-and combines them to make this gorgeous look for your home! More quality builders, when you can tinker with an individual door matter with a limited budget.

#7: Organize Your Garage and Tools with This Simple PVC Pipe Tip

Heather and Dave from the Heathered Nest have developed this simple PVC hack to quickly, easily and (most importantly of all) organize all the tools in your garage inexpensively. This custom tool storage area will make your garage cleaner so you can find the right tool faster and do more!

#6: Get Affordable Personalized Art for Your Walls with THIS Free Printable Birch Set

Yes, it’s free! Just go here to download and print this custom tree carving printing set.

It is perfect for your own house, or for a gift for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, weddings really, we think everyone would love it for any occasion!

#5: Create a souvenir With Free Customizable Panels From the first Day of School, Subway Art Style

The first day of school is an important milestone, and it’s still such a busy beginning of the year — this free custom metro art style panel First Day of School is an easy way to create a quick and easy souvenir in a single photo. Download these and 3 more styles here and click here to be notified when the panels for the last day of school are published here on the website, and when we have a new printable one.

#4: Become the next American ninja warrior with Recycled DIY-up training from a game set!

Have fun, tinker, AND put them in shape to 2018, with these ideas training DIY Ninja Warrior by Lindsey from Girl Meets Carpenter. Children can also play, so it’s fun for the whole family!

#3: Spend a Great First Day of School with Another Free and Easy-to-use Printable Photo Panel

For the third year in a row, we worked with Michelle from Elegance and Enchantment to give you an overview of these adorable printable blackboards on the first day of school. And don’t worry – we will also have an update for 2018! Download the blackboards for the last day of school here to be ready for the summer and click here to be notified when the blackboards for the first day of school 2018 are available and when we have a new printable on the website.

#2: collect pine cones and turn them into an awesome winter crown!

Our contributor Ananda from a Piece of Rainbow shared this beautiful crown of pine cones and very quickly became one of our most popular items of the year! It’s so easy to make, and adding greenery and bright garlands, there is a nice modern update to decorate the whole winter.

Be sure to watch Ananda’s quick trick to make a fresh evergreen prey quick and easy here as well.

#1: Save money with these tips and tricks for plywood flooring DIY

We had seen plywood floors everywhere, but since we had never tried it, we turned to our favorite DIY enthusiasts: other bloggers and our readers on Facebook! They shared their favorite tips and tricks, and this post was so popular and so useful for so many DIY enthusiasts, so thanks to everyone who contributed! If you have made your own plywood floors, we would love to see photos and hear about your experience. Leave us a comment on the post, or send us a line here, where you can also send a photo.

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