Some Clever Closet Hacks You’ll Love

35 smart closet hacks you’ll love

Whether large or small, walkable or bi-fold, shared or personal, there is something that any closet can use. Organization.
Our wardrobes pull their fair share of weight around the house – hiding our clutter and keeping our living spaces clean and tidy; that’s why it’s so easy to leave them out of control with clutter.

An organized closet not only saves time and sanity, but also creates space.

With a few tweaks and extra Organization, you can feel like you’ve doubled your storage space! With this List of smart closet hacks, your closet will feel bigger and more organized in no time.

Note: In the years since we wrote this post for the first time, some of the Blogs whose projects we have presented have closed 🙁 in these matter, we have removed the link and tried to find similar options so that you can always tinker with these closet organization hacks yourself!

Built In Wardrobe Drawers

These cabinets look high-end, but there is a secret underneath… Plywood! The inexpensive frame and box bases are softened with fabric inside and concealed with MDF for a smooth look. Adapt the dimensions to each room of the cabinet.

This tutorial is no longer available, so take a look at Shara from Woodshop Diaries, which shows how to make cabinet drawers as part of a custom cabinet system.

DIY wardrobe organizer

You can also make the Look luxurious with golden fixtures, contact paper and drawer organizers.

Behind the door closet shelves

Instead of placing the shelves at the front of the door, why not build them at the back of the door?

In this tutorial you will find not only plans for the construction of shelves (which are on wheels to support the weight and facilitate the movement of cabinet doors), but also how to turn folding doors into normal swing doors on hinges.

You can use these extra shelves to store tons of clothes, clothes baskets, sundries and Accessories, and then close the doors to eliminate clutter and clutter.

Hidden shelves on the side of the cabinet

Almost every cabinet has a small recessed area hidden on the sides of the door. Take advantage of this neglected space by adapting inexpensive metal shelves to the custom fit. You will add a lot of shelves in a completely unused corner.

Bookcase Cabinet Door

If you fancy a little more work, this DIY is great. A bookcase built into a door uses the wasted space between the back of the door and the inside of the cabinet – but through the front of the door!

Although this tutorial does not specifically show a wardrobe, the options here are many-You can put baskets of clothes on the shelves or expose cute things like clutches and hats that are usually stored, and the space for hanging creates a super polished and noble way.

Add a shelf above the door

There are a lot of completely ignored nooks and crannies in your closet where you will find valuable storage options.

For example, this built-in shelf uses the wall space above the door in a bathroom (but might as well be built into a closet).

You can also use the same wall space above the door for open shelves or Shaker hooks or pegs for off-season boots.

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