Tips to Choose the Perfect Barstool

Hello friends! Here’s Kristin from Postbox Designs Interior E-Design, and I’m so glad to be back this month with another custom mood board and a shopping guide for you guys. Every month I use my more than 13 years of experience as a designer to share some of my tips, tips and ways to save money, this time with affordable bar stool ideas while making your home beautiful.

Nowadays, it seems that almost every kitchen you see on Pinterest has a huge and beautiful island. And I’m the biggest fan of the whole kitchen island. When my kids were little, I planted them up there and they helped me cook. As she got older, the island was not only for cooking or eating, but also for doing homework and working on crafts. The kitchen is the center of most houses, and the island is the heart of the kitchen.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Affordable Bar Stools + All the Numbers You Need to Know

A bar stool is usually a piece of furniture that is used and mis word a lot, so you want to think about your lifestyle and needs before buying these multitasking.

A. A bar stool should fit your budget.

Whether your budget is high or low, make sure it’s something you can afford to replace or repair. Unless your kitchen is just for looks, bar stools are meant for use.

TWO. An affordable bar stool should be durable.

Think about it: these stools are likely to be pushed a dozen times a day. You can eat on your island, cook on your island, work on your island and welcome guests to your island. If you choose a painted bar stool, look for one with a good finish that does not flake off easily. Look for those that are sturdy and can withstand some blows.

THREE. A bar stool must be cleansing.

I will say it:

If you have small children, I would not use a bar stool with fabric. No way.

I know that you can clean the fabric or scotchguardbut fabric, but it will be a maintenance task. And the bar stools by nature will be around a lot of food and liquid. Honestly, it prepares you for the disaster.

If you do not have children (or are older), I would consider using a fabric for outdoor use (usually more durable and cleaned with water), a protected fabric, or look for the term “commercial quality”. I would also consider a medium to dark fabric or a fabric with a pattern to hide stains and dirt. Fabrics such as velvet or linen usually do not work well, as they are difficult to clean.

FOUR. An affordable bar stool should be made of a material that fits well with your lifestyle.
As a rule, wooden or metal stools are the most low-maintenance and easiest to clean. You may want to consider a more rustic or aged wood that hides notches and dents. If they are used less, you can try a more fragile material, such as wicker, woven seats or fabric.

Leather (or leatherette) is also a great material for a bar stool – it is durable and easy to wipe!

FIFTH. A bar stool should be at the right height.

Bar stools are usually available in two sizes. You can see the terms “countertop height” (which is made for a standard countertop of 36″ high) or “bar height” (which is made for a raised bar area of 42″ high).

The “Counter height” bar stools range from 24″ to 29″ in height. The bar stools “height of the bar” range from 30″ to 36″ in height. Not only do you want the right ladder for the height of your countertop, but you also need room for someone to sit there!

SIX. A bar stool with a back or a bare back?

There are some factors to consider. The first is aesthetics – have you fallen in love with a particular style? This look could determine whether your bar stool has a back or not. Besides, if you have small children, I would consider buying bar stools with their backs on them. If you are planning to eat a lot of meals on your island (some people use their islands more than their dining tables), I would consider a back to make the meals much more convenient.

I would consider going with a backless bar stool if you are stuck on the room. These usually have a smaller frame and are less wide. In addition, if you are cramped on the sidewalk space, the bar stools can be pushed completely under the overhang of your island without a backrest. Those precious few inches can make all the difference. If a bar stool is removed all the way, you want a minimum of 30″ of catwalk space behind it. If you can, 36″-42″ walkway space is very comfortable.

SIFT. How many stools to use?

You want someone to feel comfortable sitting in their bar stool and giving them plenty of elbow room. More chairs are not necessarily better. For a really comfortable fit, allowing 28-30″ per stool is ideal. However, if you are very tight on space and/or need a minimum number of stools, I would not go less than 24″ space. I would only do it if the smaller children mainly use the space, it is for a short time, or if the island is usually not full at once.

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