Way to Style an Open Farmhouse Family Floor Plan Room

This month I also wanted to touch on the layout of the furniture, if you have a delicate room. Recently I was working with a client who had a nice open floor plan with high ceilings. However, due to the lack of walls and such an open and flowing space, she had difficulty finding a furniture arrangement. I’m a big fan of the open floor plan, but it creates design challenges. Therefore, I also wanted to give you some design ideas if you are dealing with this kind of layout yourself!

This moodboard family room farmhouse not only works if you like a farmhouse, rustic style, but it also works very well with an open floor plan layout. I have incorporated some rustic elements like this coffee table and industrial side tables, but I have also mixed some other cottage style elements. Items such as this woven tray, the casual white sofa and white ceramic potted plants add natural elements to the room. So keep reading for some tips on how to create this look yourself!

How to choose farmhouse furniture

Whatever your style, I suggest that you always use neutral classic pieces for your larger furniture. This white Pottery Barn sofa covered with slip is suitable for a variety of styles, including this farmhouse look. If you are afraid to use a white sofa, this cover is easy to wash!

I have the same couch in my own house, and we go over 12+ years with him (it has withstood 3 children and 3 dogs over the years!). You can also use a light brown, taupe or soft gray sofa. The same sofa comes in a straight arm and padded versions as well.

This farm living room rocks light beige sofas:

Another classic room for a family room in a farmhouse style is a leather armchair. This Pottery Barn version has a more traditional rolled-arm look. If you like more of a modern farmhouse look, choose a chair with straight lines and an elegant look. Leather is one of the most durable and easy-to-clean fabrics you can use and only gets better with age.

A rustic coffee table not only corresponds to the style of the farmhouse, but, in my opinion, is one of the most practical rooms that you can use in a family room! Our coffee tables are often mis word, so I love the idea of a rustic, desperate one that hides scratches and wear. You can create a simple thumbnail on your coffee table with a tray.

Add a vase and a small stack of books with a small potted plant or decorative object. This Ceramic potted plant from the Moodboard works with the farmhouse look, but feel free to switch to a succulent or other plant.

Lamination on the farm-accessories

You can’t go wrong with a striped pillow. And I’ll be honest here, I’m addicted to the self-proclaimed tape (ask my husband, I have a closet full of tapes)! Whether it’s a pillow, a rug or a new sweater, I can’t get enough or horizontal stripes. But for good reason-you can get this pattern in any color and style, and the stripes never go out of fashion. For a farmhouse look, try a tic – tac tape mixed with a wider tape. Add a few solid prints or a small patterned pillow for a layered look.

Other accessories such as this glass table lamp, the woven tray and the potted plant are simple, neutral and rustic items that work with a fixative-superior style. A carpet made of sisal or jute, as the moodboard shows, is not only neutral, but also very durable and easy to clean. With a simple area rug, you can bring some patterns into items that are easier to swap, such as a throw pillow.

Finally, if you are looking for farmhouse style art, you will find a lot of word art and simple black and white prints. I loved this Christmas tree panel because it looks simple but modern.

Tips and tricks for working with an open floor plan

As I mentioned earlier, this farmhouse Family Room moodboard works very well with an open floor plan. Here are some more tips on how this furniture arrangement works

A. Use two identical sofas (or loveseats) facing each other. Float your sofas in the center of the room with a coffee table in the center. Be sure to think about the purpose of the room. If it is a TV room, make sure that you can watch TV from the comfort of the sofa.

TWO. Sectional sofas can also work very well for an open floor plan, especially with a large room or with high ceilings. An extra large cut is large enough to fill a large room. This large-scale room works very well: you can either make it float in your bedroom or remove it from a wall about a foot away

THREE.Use a large carpet to ground all the furniture. If you have an open floor plan, you want your furniture groups to be targeted and not get lost in your space. With a large area carpet (8′ x 10 or more) where all your furniture facades will work well on the carpet

FOUR. Fill the surface of the floor with table or floor lamps. If you need to fill out your open floor plan, adding items like floor lamps and accent tables will consume space and give your guests plenty of options.

FIVE. Use a large chandelier. The worst thing you can do for a large or open floor plan is miserable furniture or too small a light fixture. If you have high ceilings, keep the bottom of your light fixture about 7′-8′ above your floor

SIX. Use a console or a sofa table. If your sofas are floating, adding a console behind them is a great way to avoid looking at the back of a sofa. You can add decor, storage baskets or even lamps on them

SEVEN times. Leave a lot of sidewalks around your furniture. Leave at least two different ways that people can easily go through your furniture arrangement. A 36″ catwalk is comfortable, but I wouldn’t go less than 30″.

While this console is on the wall, you can also use it behind a sofa:

And finally, if you want to see even more Farm moodboards, you can take a look at some of these bonus boards that I created for Remodelaholic. Just click below to access the entire blog and see all the sources for each moodboard:

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